About Us

Fun at Walt Disney World

Diamond Skies Traveler is a shop filled with everything you need to make your family's next theme park adventure more fun, comfortable, and affordable.

We're big fans of theme parks of all kinds. Over the years, as we've gone on trips to all of our favorite parks, we realized that there were a number of items on our packing list that we just couldn't live without. Whether it was for comfort, convenience, or just making sure the unthinkable didn't happen, we came to realize that these items were very important on our trips.

Then we got to thinking. Wouldn't it be great if there were a shop that had those items for that purpose? 

And maybe there is a shop or two out there with the same concept. Yet once we had the idea in our heads, we knew we had to do it and so, here's Diamond Skies Traveler. We want to share with you those items we love, learn what items you bring along on your adventures, and share exciting news about our favorite locations. 

Most of all, we want your next trip to the happiest places on earth to be more comfortable, affordable, and most of all -- fun!

Our favorite places:

Walt Disney World


Disneyland Paris

Universal Studios Orlando


Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Universal Studios Hollywood

Knott's Berry Farm

Disneyland Tokyo

Busch Gardens Tampa